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Muna Obiekwe finally reacts to viral photo of him sucking Biola Ige’s b00bs

Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, and Enugu-based actor, Muna Obiekewe, have not been resting easy since a picture, portraying the two actors allegedly smooching, with Muna sucking Biola’s boobs went viral online. Biola had explained her position, claiming that, what appeared in the picture must have been a trick of photoshop ...

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Biola Ige reveals her friend Ruth Eze is behind her nude pic

This matter is not ending soon i guess. Few days ago, upcoming�Nollywood actress, Biola Ige was in the eyes of the storm following a raunchy photo of her and actor Muna Obieke doing some dirty things. Thepicture went viral only a few minutes after it hit the social media. Initially,�Biola�cared ...

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Biola Ige finally tells Punch the truth on photo of Muna sucking her b00bs

She finally opened up to Punch claiming it was photoshopped “All I know is that there was nothing like that, nobody in his right senses will do that in front of the cameras .I just want people to go and watch the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and if they see something ...

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See Biola Ige’s shocking response on pic of Muna Obiekwe sucking her b00bs | Photo

A particular photo went viral yesterday (see above) of Muna Obiekwe sucking an actress which was identified as Biola Ige’s boobs. The question now is the picture really her? Or it was photoshopped or her look alike.� So a journalist got in touch with her this morning and asked what ...

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Actor Muna Obiekwe sucking Biola Ige’s b00bs in new movie | Photo

I used to enjoy Muna’s movies as a teenager but these days he has pitched his tent with Nollywood soft porn clique. Now everyone wants to have a porn content to sell their movies. 18+ only:

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I heard Tonto Dikeh was responsible for my illness – Nollywood actress, Biola Ige

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If you’re looking for the most controversial actress in Nollywood just look the direction of Tonto Dike. For the light skin actress, 2012 was a year of one controversy to the other and from all indications it seems she’s not ready take a break this year. Few days after she ...

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