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Biola Ige reveals her friend Ruth Eze is behind her nude pic

Muna Obiekwe and Biola Ige on set

This matter is not ending soon I guess. Few days ago, upcoming Nollywood actress, Biola Ige was in the eyes of the storm following a raunchy photo of her and actor Muna Obieke doing some dirty things. The picture went viral only a few minutes after it hit the social media.

Initially, Biola cared less about the picture, maybe believing that it would draw publicity her way but when she realized that the publicity was on the negative side, she quickly granted an interview where she pointed out that the person behind the release of the offensive photo was her one-time best friend, actress Ruth Eze.

Biola accused Ruth of being on a vendetta mission because they fell apart and was hell bent on destroying her. But Ruth who before now, was chummy-chummy with Biola before they went their separate ways, quickly responded and said that she has not hand in Biola’s misfortune.

My attention has been drawn to attempts by Biola Ige to drag me into the semi nude pictures that has been on the internet for the last one week.

My response to this is simple; I, Ruth Eze, has, and will never be involved in such acts and I advise Biola Ige not to drag my name into this mess.

I shall not be entertaining questions on this again and I wish Biola all the best as I also focus on my career.


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