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America Had Declare War On North Korea

Ri Yong Ho naijavibe.net

Yesterday, Monday September 25 2017, Ri Yong Ho, North Korea Foreign Minister, said the President of United State of America had declared war on his country and That Pyongyang has the right to bring down US bombers even if they were not in the nations air space. �It should be ...

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North Korean Defence minister executed for disrespecting Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s defence minister has been executed with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during military meetings and answering back to leader Kim Jong-Un, it has been claimed. Hyon Yong-Chol, who was named Minister of the People’s Armed Forces in 2012, was killed in the capital Pyongyang by the unconventional ...

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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un bans citizens from sharing his name

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has banned citizens from sharing his name and ordered people using it to get ‘trained’ to change it. A leaked internal state document obtained by South Korean television contained ‘an administrative order’ to all party, army and police officials to ensure that the directive ...

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North Korean President, Kim Jong-un, publicly executes ex-girlfriend

  On August 8th, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in the audience to applaud his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol (right), a singer with the Unhasu National Orchestra. 9 days later a group of artists were arrested for allegedly making a sex tape. His ex was one of them. They ...

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