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Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim meets the Pope | Photo


Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim, who flew into Italy this morning in company of her husband Daniel Wani and their two children Martin and Maya, met with Pope Francis at Casa Santa Martath inside the Vatican. According to the head of the Vatican Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, the meeting took ...

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Meriam Ibrahim finally freed as she leaves Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Apostasy, has finally been freed after she was re-arrested at Khartoume airport as she attempted to leave Sudan with her family to an undisclosed location.U.S. State Department during a briefing with reporters in Washington D.C today said Meriam is now free, ...

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She should be executed – Brother of Sudanese woman sentenced to death for marrying a Christian

After being sentenced to death for marrying a Christian,it has been revealed that Meriam Ibrahim who gave birth to a daughter in her prison cell last week may not be released any time soon.. However, while the international community is fighting for her release, her brother thinks differently..In a shocking ...

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