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Rob Kardashian Shares Cute Photo Of Dream And North West

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Rob Kardashian took to Twitter on Saturday to share a shot of his one-year-old daughter Dream hugging her four-year-old cousin North, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Rob wrote, ‘awwww GOOD Morning … cousin love … North & Dream,’ He added a second shot of the young pair ...

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Kardashians Responds To Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit

The Kardashian family has fired back at Blac Chyna’s lawsuit in which she claims the family purposely sabotaged her reality show with Rob. As we reported, Chyna is suing Rob, Kim and Kris claiming they orchestrated a plot to torpedo �Rob & Chyna” after the couple broke up, and that’s ...

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Rob Kardashian sues Blac Chyna for Assault

blac rob

​Rob is reportedly suing Blac Chyna to court for an alleged assault that took place back in December. Rob is claiming Chyna, while high on a lot of drugs and alcohol, attacked and attempted choking him with an iPhone cable. The paperwork, obtained by nydailynews, says: Chyna lunged towards Rob with ...

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Blac Chyna back to hosting strip club gigs after fight with Rob Kardashian

​ On her Instagram page, Blac Chyna announced two gigs she will hosting, one of which is next Monday at the Ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood. TMZ reports Blac Chyna will be $10k (about N3.6m) for hosting the night. The club’s also throwing in 3 bottles of rose. The ...

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I can’t be bought! Blac Chyna returns expensive gifts Rob Kardashian gave her during their relationship


Blac Chyna revealed in an interview with Good Morning America  that she has returned all the gifts her baby daddy – Rob Kardashian gave her during their one-year romance. Among the things Chyna claims to have returned include her diamond engagement ring, a seven-carat solitaire that is worth around $325,000, ...

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna settle for 50/50 custody of their daughter, Dream


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have decided to put their differences aside and co-parent their 8-month-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, 50-50. According to TMZ: “Sources close to mom and dad tell us Rob and Chyna have been operating under an unwritten arrangement where they each are entitled to physical custody 50% ...

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Rob Kadrashian claims Blac Chyna tried strangling him as she accuses him of domestic violence

​Read the TMZ report below… Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are making new allegations of domestic violence against each other, and both claim the alleged incidents are captured on video. Chyna — who’s in court Monday morning for a domestic violence restraining order against Rob — has already claimed Rob ...

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“It was spontaneous reaction and I regret it ” – Rob Kardashian on slit shaming Blac Chyna�


Rob Kardashian’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, told TMZ that Rob’s cyberbullying action last week was “a spontaneous reaction that he regrets”. It was further revealed that Rob will agree to the restraining order Chyna is seeking against him. Shapiro will appear in court on Rob’s behalf and inform the judge that there ...

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“I was devastated” – Blac Chyna talks about Rob Kardashian explosive Instagram revelations�


Last week, Rob Kardashian went on an explosive rant on Instagram and twitter, dragging his former fiancee and babymama Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, have now spoken out in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America today, as they head to court for a temporary restraining ...

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�Robert f*ck so many b*tches I can’t even count”! � Chyna fires back

​ Blac chyna has fired back at his baby daddy, Rob Kardarshian after he shared her nude photos and accused her of cheating on Instagram. According to her, Rob also has several ‘bitches” he sleeps with.

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Messy! Rob Kardashian blasts Blac Chyna, shares explicit photos of her, accuses her of cheating (Photos)

rty 1

Rob Kardashian is spilling a lot of messy stuff on Instagram. He shared photos and messages of his baby mama, Blac Chyna and the man she’s cheating on him with, allegedly on his bed, the bed they sleep on with their daughter Dream! He also shared messages from one of ...

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Rob Kardashian shares cute pool photos with his daughter, Dream

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In celebration of 4th of July – America’s Independence day, Rob Kardashian, who has broken up with his babymama Blac Chyna, took their daughter Dream swimming. See another photo

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Leaked Text!�Rob Kardashian puts Black Chyna on blast, says she’s a hoe

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna spent Father’s day together and even kept staying together days after, giving the impression that they were back together. However, recent chat between Rob Kardashian and a woman called Bonita revealed that all is not well between the two of them. It all started when ...

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Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian take their daughter to Disneyland | Photos�


Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian are back to being lovers again! According to TMZ, Rob Kardashian showed up at his baby’s mother Chyna’s doorstep last week and hasn’t left. Rob has been there every day and every night, going on a week. They’ve been socializing with friends and family with ...

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Blac Chyna & Kris Jenner Rush to Hospital for Rob Kardashian (Photos)

Blac Chyna, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble rushed to the emergency early today to attend to a family member who was rushed to ER. The person is thought to be Rob Kardashian. Read the report below… “Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner rushed to an emergency room Wednesday night after Rob ...

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna blast each other on IG again over daughter Dream

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Trouble this time started after Rob shared this pic above. You recall the reality star was left devastated after his ex Blac Chyna left him and cleared out their house – including their daughter baby Dream’s nursery and also their kitchen cupboards. Within minutes after Rob shared the cute snap ...

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Rob kardashian heartbroken after Blac Chyna moved out with his baby and furniture – Watch

Rob Kardashian took to social media on Saturday evening to reveal that his fiancee Chyna has left him. Apparently, the trouble all started after a hacker took control of Blac Chyna’s account and aired out some private conversations between her and her good friend Treasure about her �true feelings” about ...

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‘I’m done!’ Blac Chyna confirms split with ‘pathetic’ Rob Kardashian

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Blac Chyna has confirmed her split from babydaddy, fiance Rob Kardashian hours after her candid conversations about her relationship with Rob Kardashian were posted on social media by a hacker who took over her official Instagram account. Chyna posted the lengthy message stating her side of the story after a ...

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Messy! Blac Chyna gets hacked, explosive text messages revealed on her official Instagram

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These are the texts a hacker exposed on Blac Chyna’s official Instagram page that set off the drama this morning. The string of screen grabs are alleged to be text messages exchanged between Rob’s fiance and other guys including Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith. Jayden appeared keen to meet up ...

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s wedding date revealed


28-year-old model Blac Chyna and fiance Rob Kardashian have reportedly agreed on a wedding date, and the date was chosen for a very special reason. According to a Wednesday report from In Touch, the pair have decided on July, 17, for 2017. An inside source explained: �The number seven is ...

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