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Toni Braxton’s skimpy dress comes off, exposing her butt on stage

Toni Braxton's skimpy dress

Earlier this week, during her concert in New Jersey, very pretty singer and mum of 2, Toni Braxton gave her fans more than they bargained for when she hit the stage. Whilst belting out her famous tunes, the skirt of the 45-year-old’s skimpy metallic dress just fell down, only to ...

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SAD – Toni Braxton loses the copyright to 27 of her songs

Toni Braxton

45 year old Toni Braxton has a lot of problems going on in her life. Apart from her recent divorce from her husband of 12 years, she is now broke after filing for bankruptcy not once, but twice. As if that’s not enough, Toni Braxton has lost the copyright to ...

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Halle Berry was better than Toni Braxton in bed – Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore, Halle Berry and Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton was a very hot and sexy catch when she first came on the music scene back in the day. Since then she has been in numerous relationships and physical changes. However, there is one Ex boyfriend from her past that has her extremely mad right now. Actor Shemar ...

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