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Wow! See the Worlds Largest Vagina (18+)

Guinness World Records

A British woman named Patty G (she never gave her full name) has been inducted into the Guinness Book Of Records, for having the largest vagina in the world. This is the photo that was supplied of Patty’s stuff and it’s not as pretty as you might imagine it. VIEWER ...

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Read the true story behind the lady with maggots in her vagina!

Yesterday a video of a lady doctors removed live maggots from her vagina went viral. According to Worldstar, the lady had unprotected sex and caught the new STD, stressing the need for guys to always wear a condom. Guess what, that’s not the true story behind that video. �The woman ...

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See the causes of smelly váginá in ladies & how to stop it

Vaginal Odour 1

Most women experience feminine issues from time to time. Unfortunately the fact that the issues are common doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. Feminine odor is especially frustrating, because it can leave you feeling unclean and gross, even if that’s not the case. There are lots of causes for feminine ...

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