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That’s Not Me In The S^x Tape – Blac Chyna

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​Blac Chyna’s alleged s^xtape broke the internet just last week. And it appeared that she was kind of distraught by thThe former stripper who is at the moment embroiled in a legal battle against Rob Kardashian and his family, says the lady that was in the video only has a close resemblance with her.

Yes the quality of the video might be poor, but the lady in the video, according to people that have seen the sextape was Blac Chyna. Her tattoos are seen all over the lady in the video and even her signatory blonde wig was what was on the head of the lady.

The video, which is 13 minutes in length, appeared on the internet just a day after a previous video of the model giving fellatio to singer Mechie leaked.

She is seen in the newest video with an African-American man engaging in sex acts with him.

The video first materialized on Twitter. It’s since being featured on porn sites and sold as featuring Blac.

According to TMZ, sources have said:

‘The woman in the grainy footage does have significant similarities to [Blac] but it is absolutely NOT her.’

The site also reports that her representatives have circulated around 20 cease and desist letters to the various porn sites that already feature the video on their platforms. The Mechie video was also reported to have been requested to be taken down by these platforms.


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