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The Evil Toyin Aimakhu Has Groomed Against Me Will Consume Her – Lizzy Anjorin

Liz Anjorin 12 years ago, Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu shared how cocaine almost ruined her life after she ended her marriage to her first husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

Her exact words were, “I didn’t love myself. I was losing touch with things that used to work for me because I was involved in negative habits like drugs, smoking, cocaine and all this things are very bad.

“Cocaine is very bad. It gives you negative energy. And sometimes, even when I do something very positive, it will just end up being negative so I had to stop.”

Well, according to co Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin, Toyin Aimakhu is still taking cocaine and she never stopped.

Lizzy disclosed this as she responded to Toyin Aimakhu’s who asked her to tender a public apology for trying to defame Toyin’s character.

Her words, “I am used to myopic cracked head and dead, low life with zero achievement sychrophants consoling themselves with lines such as “I have instructed my lawyer to respond, bla bla bla” when weighty allegations and evidence(s) stare them in the face.
By principle, I am an APOSTLE of dignity and respect on social media and by nature I am never going to keep QUIET in the face of EVIL and wickedness. I also belief that whatever rights you have, you must be responsible with them. The fact, that you have rights to have fans doesn’t mean you groom them to commit crime or indulge in anti-social behaviours online.

The gibberish you gave as a reaction is tasteless, classless and uncouth. When you maliciously came up on social media in your usual way to lie against me and subjected my hardwork and personality to untold cyber-attacks with the aid of your followers with deadly, fabricated evidence(s) , , The evil you groomed will consume you soon.
I think the WORLD will soon see that you have no single dignity left in you, hence you could still muster words when a FAN or an account you glorify openly is seen sending secret message to a criminal blogger just to subject your colleague to defamation, cyber-attacks and assaults. You are an example of failed women trying bring HARDWORKING women down secretly.

You accused me of peddling DRUGS and left me with no option now than write a petition to NDLEA to investigate both of US for drug related offences. They must as a matter of fact TEST both of us for drugs and publish their outcome. You and I know you desperately need a high powered rehab before you can stop taking cocaine. And only God knows how many of your followers and fans you have initiated into these substance intake.

While I am using my resources to empower and employ people, you are busy using your followers as human shields to hurt your colleagues and targets. You may fake your personality to them, but we know you. .
You must tell the world why your glorify follower @m_adeoye slide into a deadly blogger to sponsor a deadly and destructive story against me ..
Until I get justice I will NEVER back down ..”

We wait to see how this will pan out.

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