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The Peace Walk Is Not About Who Is Right Or Wrong, It’s About What Is Right And Sustainable – Segalinks



Popular activist and lawyer, Segalinks has come out to react to the backlash he has received after disclosing he would join Lagos State Governor for the proposed peace walk.

He recently had his say via his social media page, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, if people keep demonizing others because they chose to do something different from their dictate, then they are worse than the vilest of tyrants.

He added that beyond who is right and wrong, Nigerians must focus on prioritizing what is right and sustainable.

His words, “Beyond who is right and wrong, we must prioritize what is right and sustainable. How many people would we demonize to get the change we need? How many people do we envisage the cancel culture will annihilate to create the ‘one world order’ we seek, where people act the same?!”

“Since when did disagreeing with anyone on a single issue create a do or die situation that warrants name calling and vicious cum belligerent attempt to impugn their integrity at all cost? When did we accept this as who we are and a legacy to bequeath to younger generations?”

“What’s with the legal gymnastics over a simple issue that can be prosecuted further? Why the name calling when we can simply focus on what is important and avoid majoring in the minor? As for me I have no enemies & will forever do what I preach.”

“If Governor @jidesanwoolu is marching for peace I will gladly march with him and this won’t come at the cost of Justice. It doesn’t stop me from engaging him on critical issues the next minute. This is the maturity expected from genuine advocate void of bile and hate.”

“We can’t become worse than we criticized. If you demonize others and strip them of their citizenship simply because they chose to do something differently from your dictate, then you are worse that the vilest of tyrants. This kind of spirit won’t build nations but cause ruin.”

“We are all free to express ourselves, associate with whomsoever & no Nigerian is more Nigerian than any other Nigerian. I see no reason for the identity politics of hate, belligerence & division. We fall, we break, we fail as imperfect beings but still, we rise, heal & overcome!”

“Justice is never a sprint. Even after judgement there is ample room for enforcement. Humanity need not pause until everything is perfect. The healing begins with a change of mindset on all sides. We show daily how similar the Govt is to our dying society & this must change!”


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