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Tonto Dikeh Shows Off Her Post-Baby Bod In New Selfie With A Powerful Message


Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has become a changed woman since she got married and has even changed for the better since she welcomed her son.
The beautiful actress who accepted she’s gained a lot of weight since she welcomed her son revealed it won’t be going anytime soon. She shared the selfie above with this powerful message:

�Once upon a time, a group of 50 people attended a seminar. Suddenly the speaker stopped and started giving each person a balloon. Each one was asked to write his/her name on it using a marker pen. Then all the balloons were collected and put in another room. Now these delegates were let in that room and asked to find the balloon which had their respective names written on within 5 minutes. Everyone was frantically searching for their names, pushing and colliding with each other, and there was utter chaos. At the end of 5 minutes, no one could find their own balloons. Now each one was asked to randomly collect a balloon and give it to the person whose name was written on it. Within minutes everyone had their own balloons. The speaker began: �This is exactly what is happening in our lives. Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Help them Find their happiness and you will get your own happiness too. Let go of self. And this is one of the purposes of human life… Learn to put a smile on someone’s face, and you will also smile in due season”.

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