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Top Secret!! Mikel Obi Set To Wed Nigerian Girl In June? | Details

Nnena Nwosu facebook page

I am as schoked as you are!! Mikel is getting married to a Nigerian girl. I thought it was just a fabricated story or a side chick feeling fly cause we all know Mikel’s girlfriend Olga Diyachenko, the Russian girl. Her friends wanted to leak pics of them together, but they said she will know its them. Then they sent some of her words on her blackberry DP and even a photo of him there, I still said No, I find it hard to believe. Then they gave me her Facebook ID, that she isn’t even really hiding it anymore now that she has ‘won’, so I went there, and alas it was Mikel that she used as her Facebook background page (as seen above) and even posted some lovely words of them about 20 hours ago. Btw, Nnenna Nwosu is the CEO of popular Nigerian beads company Neniesville Beads.

Nnenna Nwosu post

She also posted this with a picture of him.
So the big one is this, they say they are getting married in June and that is what Nnenna currently has on her blackberry DP.

Nnenna is 25 and she is from Anambra. She even already has in mind the names she intends to name their kids in the nearest future; Kamsiyochukwu, Kamharidachukwu and Kamkelechukwu Mikel Obi. She disclosed this while wishing them a happy children’s day in advance yesterday.

End of tori….. June is not too far to wait and find out

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