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TY Bello & George – VICTORY IS WON (Darkness Fall) [ViDeo]

TY Bello & George - VICTORY IS WON

I Sing my declaration.. And set the tune for the wind of change.. life will dance to rhythm of my song.. life will move to the beat of my heart.

Talk isn’t cheap.. our words are not empty. God SAID.. Let there be light.. and THERE WAS light.. and God SAW the light.. that it was GOOD.. and God DIVIDED the LIGHT from the DARKNESS..

So here is what I’m trying to point out.. like God.. we SPEAK.. we SEE.. we DO.. it’s all tied together. Don’t create a vacuum of silence over situations. Speak over them.. then you place yourself in a place where you’re ENLIGHTENED.. you SEE to know WHAT to do. Speak LIGHT over your life and by all means over your Country.. this is Good.. and this it where it begins. this is how we engage and find illumination for real Action. #thursdaysessions with @biggorgy#sponteneous#music#newsong#declaration#recorded and mixed by Samjazzy #filmed by @kachibenson .. thank you @shutterjenius for uploading the video

Press Play & Feel the Vibe!

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