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UNIPORT shut down indefinitely as students set Omuokiri-Aluu ablaze


UNIPORTAt least 12 houses have been set ablaze at Omuokiri-Aluu by angry Nigerian students who descended the small village in their hundreds this evening protesting the violent murder of four students. UNIPORT students were mobilised by students of other universities under the umbrella of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS. The students blocked major roads in Port Harcourt before moving to Aluu but fortunately for the indigenes, they were all gone before the students got there. I saw it on TV, the whole village was deserted, not even goats or chickens were seen anywhere. So they value their own lives?

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the school revealed this evening that the university has been shut down indefinitely.




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  1. now their unionist are doing wht they shd ve done earlier.they re taking d first step @ d last minute,thank God for d wake up call.ds barbaric act must stop,may the deceased souls rest in perfect peace.am disappointed dat their governor hasnt addressed d situation on ground even mr president while addressing d nation yday dint even make mention of it.it is well

  2. Umeudu ijeoma jenny

    Oh God be the guild of these innocents children of yours. Wen i first heard i tot they were cultist and were been punished by their fellow students,may God judge those people

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