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Valentine Special – When You Are In Love

Valentine Special - When You Are In Love

A Poem by NUMB

When you’re in love. . . hearts soar so high they belittle the skies.. a feeling so real it ridicules disguise, hits u like a drop’ then u feel the ripples inside.. the thrilling vista of that fabled little winged child.

When you’re in love. . . there is her, and more her__ an accretion.. she’ll be ‘all you want, she’ll define affection.. it hurts without her, yet she’ll be your affliction.. she’ll be that rebel-force, she’ll take over you, she’ll be your addiction.

When you’re in love. . .you’ll see the future in those blind eyes of love, you kill distractions and those quiet times you’ll want.. d days will glitter as lit pieces and those cold lonely night times be warm.. desires will burn.. to immolate lust.

When you’re in love, like the strongest force, it conquers all.. n like a strong hand, helps you through a fall.. ‘cos without love will a mans’ heart be void.. for it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all

..cos when you’re in love

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