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War Against Corruption Must Start From Politicians To Civil Servants – Ali Ndume

Ali Ndume

Ali Ndume

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Senator Ali Ndume has come out to urge Muhammadu Buhari to sign an executive order on unexplained wealth.

He recently revealed this as the guest lecturer at the University of Ibadan 2021 Distinguished Leadership Lecture, and Nigerians have been reacting.

According to him, this move will definitely help to curb corruption because the war against it must start from the politicians to the civil servants.

He added that for anti-corruption war to be effective, it must be a lifetime struggle and not a one-off fight.

His words, β€œOne should not be mistaken on how good it is to have riches, but toxic riches should be abhorred because it pollutes the society. It changes our good culture, it breeds injustice and impunity. Every citizen has a role to play.”

β€œOur crusade against this monster should start from politicians, top public servants, civil servants down to the local government staff.”

β€œFor the perpetrators, it is not difficult to identify the tendencies exhibited by the officers, acquiring landed property in and outside the country, having fat bank deposits, buying expensive cars, or marrying so many wives.”

β€œOur whistle blower policy which had stillbirth before it became law must be revisited. The motivation should not just be the reward, but patriotism.”


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