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“We were once booed and stoned out of stage” – kcee of Kc presh


The Anambra State-born musician, popularly known as the Okpekete master is now waxing stronger as a solo act.

KC’s latest love single ‘Limpopo’ which came out with a fancy, flashy and flamboyant video has infiltrated into the hearts and lips of many and has gradually become a national anthem.

In a brief chat, the cheerful dude who walked down the aisle with Cynthia Ijeoma Oduah, three years ago, squealed that that marriage has painfully packed up.

However, he has moved on with his thriving music career. He also revealed his plans for the future, relationship with Ebube Nwagbo among other germane issues.

What inspired your hit song, Limpopo, which is currently making waves?
Well, it is same thing that has been inspiring all my other songs and that’s God. I was in the studio and the idea just struck me, I worked on it and it turned out great. I just thank God for His inspiration.

Are we expecting more of that?
Yes of course. I am still doing my studio works; recording. More are yet to come where Limpopo and Okpekete came from. Before the end of the year, my full album will be dropping.

In the album, I have already featured about five artistes but would be featuring more great artistes for the full album. For the sake of surprises, I wouldn’t want to mention names. It is going to be a shocker. It is best left in the coolers until then.
I like pushing myself, my hard work and luck. I believe that in few years from now, I would have achieved greater things with my life. I want to carve a great niche in the entertainment industry worldwide.

I want to make very big impacts. Something that I will always be remembered for in years to come.

Talking about collabos, do you intend doing a song or songs with your one time partner and friend; Presh?
Emm, I can’t really say for now. But something like that might come up in near future. I just can’t say.

What is your relationship with him like currently?
We are fine and cool. We are still brothers. And that’s it.

So many people have given meanings to that word ‘Limpopo’, but coming from you the ‘Limpopo master, what does it mean?
Limpopo means let us enjoy and have fun. Make we go Limpopo simply means, let us forget our worries and just have fun.

You seem to be more of a traveler these days, any surprise package coming up?
Well, I am still based here in Nigeria but I travel out more often. We go out for business purposes. You know, we need to make things happen here and there.

How about your family?
Well, my father is late but my mother is still very much alive and kicking. My siblings are all doing well in their respective areas in life. They are all having fun and praying for me. In fact, we all pray for one another.

That’s good to know, but I mean your immediate family; your wife and son. It has been long we heard about them?
Well, I don’t know about that. I just don’t know what you are talking but for now, I am married to my career. Every other thing belongs to the past and I am moving ahead. I don’t know about anything about wife, my love and wife is my music.

What is your relationship with Ebube Nwagbo now?
Hmm! You people have started again. I don’t have anything to say about that.

You seem to be a very busy person, how then do you relax?
Well, I do that with my music. Whenever I am in the studio I feel so relaxed. My life is all about music.

Do you have any regrets or something you wish you can change about yourself?
No, I don’t think so. I love the way I am. I just want to change nothing. If I have a second chance to come back to this world again, I still want to be like this. Just the way I am now. I love my life. It is so simple.

Is KC really a snub and pompous person?
Well, that is what some people say and I believe. But I am not. Those who know me from the inside know that I am so cool and down to earth. Today, one man met me somewhere; he was staring at me for a while. Later he walked up to me and said he has been in the country for a while and he has also seen me at different occasions. He also confessed to be humbled with the way I behave and relate with others.

Surprisingly, the man gave me a cheque just to show me how happy he was to see a Nigerian celebrity of my status in such a meek manner.
It goes a long way to tell me that pomposity doesn’t pay. But just being your real self will earn you a lot more respect and good things. You just don’t know who is watching. I am who I am; I don’t fake my life at all.

Have you ever been embarrassed by simply being yourself?
No, not all. I haven’t had such experience.

How about on stage, have you ever had an embarrassing moment on stage before?
Yeah! That was way back then. When I was still with Presh. We went for a show in Ajegunle, but we ended up been booed and stoned out of the stage.

They threw us their shoes, sachet water and whatever they could lay their hands on. It was very bad and so annoying. But now I look back at those moments and I just laugh. I thank God that he has made us prove them wrong. We are now better and repackaged.

What are those evergreen moments you can’t forget during your growing up days?
I grew up here in Nigeria, Ajegunle to be precise. We had a Christian home. I was a very good boy then (laughs). There was nothing spectacular that happened then. Life just went on and on, here we are today making progress.

What has fame deprived you of?
I miss my regular road side food. My mum used to have a restaurant in Ajegunle. It was more like a ‘mama put’. So I used to go to Boundary market to buy the meat and other ingredients. I just love eating the normal local foods but there is a limit to that now.

So what is your best food?
Hmm! I love pounded yam and Nsala soup. Do you have it here? I don’t mind eating it right here and now oh. (laughs)

You are a ladies’ man, how do you handle sexual advances from the opposite sex?
We have been controlling them and we will keep doing just that as long as we remain in the industry. I don’t need to stress myself over women. God naturally gave us (men) the wisdom and idea on how to handle women. We are managing the situation well (laughs).

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