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What is L.O.V.E

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What we call LOVE!!! What do we call Love I ask? Some say its a feeling, some others say its an emotional attitude, others say its a theory never understood but necessary to live this life. Love appears to people in different forms, It is perceived in different quarters with diverse eyes and at some point, you are tempted to say Love is what anyone calls it because sometimes we find it hard to be generalised. But, the Holy books say Love is giving, its this and that, shouldn’t that generalize it for us? Yes and No, No because, while Love might be an entity, the Human entity has different of its kind, different minds, hearts, feelings, emotions, a different YOU, a different ME.

If you are then caught in the wind of Love,How do you know? Answering this leads us to a Love brother called Lust or obsession, which can be seen as a loose desire from a person to another. people claim if you say it’s love at first sight, its a lie or its lust,but really, is it? I don’t concur because i believe there is Love at first sight, I put it forward to you, It’s a thing of the mind, When you meet someone, something that touches deep into your inner heart, not just a fancy or a fantasy, then you will know there is Love at first sight- or maybe not?

If those two birds will fly and smile, If that guy and that girl seems to never let each other go, smile and stay “alive”, then maybe there is the string of Love, one that binds together, one that sees the negative of the heart and attracts the positive from the other heart, one that glues imagination and reality, one that says-It’s all you’ll ever need and say to your heart “you are there”. Love is like a storey building, It’s start with a desire, then feelings grow and emotions grow deep and then the building needs to go on. For the building floors, we need the wings of trust, the helmet of understanding, the bracelet of giving, the sword of respect, the boot of patience, the ankle-bolt of a merry/good heart, an armour of truth, and a shield of friendship. With this few, Love indeed can survive but needs some other ingredients.

Loving people is not like a written book because it will change, what made you love “A” would rarely be what made you love “B”. For me, I think that’s why we are not alone in this world so that we can exhaust all the angles of our Love. For someone to have a good life, You must Love and be Loved. It’s the best gift of our lives and if you need to know how best to be loved – contribute and communicate to/with peoples lives, you’ll see why i said so. Love is an inexhaustible topic so write your own version and speak IT.

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