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What You Should Know Ahead Of BBNaija Season 4

BBNaijaAfter months of teasing and clue sharing, MultiChoice Nigeria finally disclosed the kick-off date of the popular reality TV show.

BBNaija season 4 is set to officially start on June 30, 2019, and here are things you need to know ahead of that date.

1. BBNaija Season 4’s Theme And Decor Will Be Spicy: Famous themes like “Double Wahala” and “See Gobbe” were used in past editions and reports have it that there will be one at the end of the month too. “Hot Pepper.” is likely according to a few PULSE sources.

2. A Celebrity Housemate Might Join The Housemates: As it is common knowledge that Nollywood stars were present at the physical audition of the BBNaija Season 4, rumor has it that there might be a celebrity housemate in the house. There are no assurances but there is definitely a surprise waiting.

3. The BBNaija 4 House Was Built From The Scratch: The house is in Lasgidi, as reported months back, but the precise location is unknown for security reasons. It was built from its foundation for the show. This house has the home itself, the production and post-production units, and studio for live shows, all in one location. Around January, Multichoice Nigeria’s CEO, John Ugbe shared why the show will go down in Nigeria. His words, “Bringing the project back to Nigeria is a big deal for us. People asked us in the past why we didn’t do it in Nigeria, it’s because we had a customized studio for the reality show in South Africa. Now, we have one in Nigeri, which gives us the opportunity to do more here.”

4. Friday Night Games And Saturday Parties: BBNaija is known for its Friday night games and the groovy Saturday night parties and the 2019 edition will not be an exception. The show promises massive turning up and a more interesting Friday night games. The house caters for that too with an in-house club and game arena built as well.

5. BBNaija Audience Should Be Set To Predict And Win: As you already know, BetNaija is the main sponsor. So fans of the show can get ready to win amazing prizes by predicting who will be the Head of House, who will exit the house and who will be the last man standing.

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