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Which slot games are a good option for high rollers?

Rich and Famous who have Won Big Amounts in Slots

When you think of high rollers, your mind will probably go straight to the casino tables. Extravagant spenders in their expensive suits and beautiful dresses throwing money around as though it were confetti. It’s what we see in the movies, and it’s what a lot of casinos want to have us believe the life of a high roller is really like. It’s glamorous and exciting – click the link to play slot games.

Yet for many high rollers, this is not how it works at all. They might want to flash the cash a little, but for the most part they will be playing calmly and coolly, simply trying to work out the best way to make more money.

And sometimes to do this they play slots. In fact, there are a number of different reasons that slots are an excellent choice for those with a bigger budget. Although you can spend just pennies on these games, you can also spend many thousands, and the prizes are impressive in return. Let’s look closer at which slot games are a good option for high rollers.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead by Play ‘n’ Go is a great choice for high rollers since the maximum bet you can make is a juicy £50. Of course, there are games in which the maximum potential prize pot is much higher – in Book of Dead it’s ‘just’ £250,000 – but it’s the difficulty of this one that really appeals. After all, high rollers like to work for their money sometimes.

Book of Dead only has 10 paylines which is what makes it tougher than a lot of other slots. It still has a pretty good RTP of 96 percent though, so winning certainly isn’t impossible, and the bonus round in which you can win 10 free spins is also a lot of fun.

Raging Rhino

You can spend even more on Raging Rhino, which has a maximum bet of £60. You’ll need to weight up whether the low RTP (at 95.91 percent) is worth tackling, but when you also know that Raging Rhino has 4,096 different ways to win you might think that it’s a risk worth taking. Still, you’ll also need to take the maximum prize into account, which is £250,000. Do some calculations and take a look at the game itself and make up your mind.

It could be that the look of the game is what persuades you to try it out (and of course, although the maximum bet is set at £60, you don’t have to spend that much when you play). The theme is the African Savannah, which is exciting in itself, but the bonus round is what makes this game really stand out. The free spin bonus is all about stacking the symbols, and if you get enough you might be rewarded with as much as 81 times multipliers.

Progressive Slots

Of course, if a high roller is really serious about playing slots, they are going to want to look at the progressive jackpot games. These are the games that have prizes up in the millions in many cases. They are played in the same way as any other slot, only the games are linked up and the prize could be won by anyone across the world at any time. The prize fund just keeps getting bigger until finally someone wins it.

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