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Woman in hospital after wearing tight jeans all day

Tight Jeans

A study has revealed that wearing jeans that are too tight can cause damage to nerves and muscles in the legs. This was the result of tests carried on a 35-year old American lady who wore the skinny jeans and squatted for most of the day while helping a relative move house.

When she was walking back home that night, her feet grew numb, and she tripped and fell. She was found on the ground after several hours and rushed to a hospital where doctors were forced to cut the jeans off her calves because they had become so swollen.

She had lost circulation in her lower legs and couldn’t move her ankles or toes properly.

The doctor who treated her, Thomas Kimber said:

�We blame what happened on a combination of prolonged squatting for hours and the tight jeans she was wearing.

Normally muscles can expand to compensate for swelling, but there was a tourniquet effect, so the muscles had to expand inwards and compressed blood vessels and nerves.

If she hadn’t been able to come to the hospital, the compression could have gone on longer and caused residual nerve damage.”

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