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I won’t exchange words with Timaya – Empress Njamah

Timaya & Empress Njamah

Timaya may not mean to start any controversy when he noted in an interview recently that Njamah had a ‘bad record’, but with the actress’ reaction to the statement, it has already fuelled a drama of sort.

You should not date somebody who already has a negative record. In my own case, it affected me at that time. I feel that a relationship should be between two people and not exposed to the rest of the world. Only a smart man is able to keep his relationship private

Timaya stated in that interview.

In a recent reaction to that, Njamah played down his ex-boyfriend Timaya and noted that whatever he says doesn’t bother her. According to her, she’s busy making money and advancing her career, so side talks don’t get her attention.

In her words;

Why would it bother me? It is one thing to be hurt over such statement and another thing to be disappointed. I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t even disappointed. Worst things have been said and written about me but the people who know who I am would tell the difference.

I am more involved with my birthday and celebrating it with the orphans and the less privileged. I am better off talking about this than to talk about what is not important. I am too busy making money. People who know you will always know how positive you have affected their lives. I am surrounded by so many people who have shown me love so there is no reason for me to be pained

she adds.

Timaya and Empress were lovebirds for a while until their love went sour some years ago, followed by a messy break up. They have since moved on with their lives. Timaya is already in a relationship with another woman and has a child to show for it.

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