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Wow! Gay stalker insists he was in a relationship with Yul Edochie | Phoo

Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie‘s gay prowler, Steven Ugochukwu, has accused the Nollywood actor of denying their affair on instagram.

The Actor had taken to twitter a month ago to expose the alleged impostor, claiming he has never met him neither does he have anything to do with him.

However, the man, Steven Ugochukwu Nelson Onyebuchi in a recent instagram post on account @theingrate showed proofs that they were in love.

Nelson also claimed he has a voice record of his conversation with the actor, insisting that they were both in love.

The man who shows affection towards men has also released an audio conversation between him and the actor.
From all the screenshots he posted I think Yul was just leading him on , and the guy kept disturbing him to send him a photo of his penis but Yul never did. I cant say if i can call that a relationship.

Here is what he wrote on instagram.
“We were in a relationship, had issues caused by him. Warned him not to play silly games with me or I use all I v n soil his name. He didn’t know I was recording all our discussions including the ones he called me n the ones I called. He took on Twitter April 8 and accused me of forcing him to be gay, looking for police to get hold of me. All I did that day


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