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Yoruba Actresses Blast Bobrisky For Disrespecting Odunlade Adekola

OdunladeFinally, Odunlade Adekola has gone on his Instagram page to share a new photo with a strange caption.

The caption read, “Live your life the way God has ordained you to. Always remember to be yourself all the time. ASA’RE TETE KO NI KOJA ILE. God will answer all your prayers.”

Nigerian wierdo, Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky blasted Odunlade Adekola recently after the popular actor subbed him in a video for being a guy trying to come across as a girl.

As a reaction, several actors in the Yoruba Nollywood replied the cross-dresser for the disrespect shown towards the famous movie star.

Actress Motilola said, “If you keep quiet about this, we will all be here when he will come for our fathers. I respect you and if anyone is brainless, it’s the one who doesn’t know his/her gender.”

Another actress, Ferrari Tonia Okoro shared, “Uncle Odun is highly respected in our world. He’s humble, jovial and respects himself. He is the Ijele of the Industry. You come for him, you come for us. @bobrisky222 you killed yourself coming for him. So, because you shake waist and cross dress gives you the visa to insult him? A maa ba tie je.”

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