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Your Time Will Not Come Unless You Work Hard – Shatta Wale

Shatta WaleGhanaian dancehall singer, Shatta Wale is concerned about how people manage to not feel ashamed when they see their mates are successful.

He was shocked at the fact that people wait for their time to come and refuse to work.
His words, “A PIECE OF MY CAKE

So some of you don’t feel shy when you see your classmates making it Big ha !!
All you will say is my time will come !

Brother I swear your time will never come if you don’t change your attitude towards work and your goals in Life ..

God never created no man poor nor rich ,he created this world for us to be ok and happy !
So please if you come from a poor home doesn’t mean you are also poor .YOU CAN BE THAT CORNER STONE OF YOUR FAMILY ..

CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE NOW!!! Otherwise you will keep envying me but my ATTITUDE you lots talk about will tek me soooooo farrrrrr that the coperate and the fans world will keep loving my works
I have given you a clue about life education not school education ..Let’s learn !! #Stormenergy.”

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