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16 signs your ex wants you back in their life

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Are you confused about the mixed feelings you’re getting from your ex? Here are 16 signs your ex wants you back that can help you read your ex’s mind. By Cheryl James

A break up is bad enough, but dealing with the mixed signals from an ex after that? Well, that just complicates things even further.

Well, you could get back with your ex if you want to *not advisable though*, or you could shut your mind up and move on anyway.

Nevertheless, it always feels good to know that you’re being missed by a once-special-someone, doesn’t it?

Keep your eyes open, and watch your ex’s behavior around you. And even before you know it, you’ll be able to realize if your ex still has feelings for you in no time.

#1�Dating dilemma. If your ex still likes you, big chances are, they’ll avoid dating anyone else at least for a long while. And even if they do go out on a date with someone secretly, they’ll probably hush it up or tell your friends not to tell you *because it’ll hurt you*.

A probable reason why they would want to flaunt their single-but-not-ready-to-mingle status is to let you know that you still occupy their heart and they’re ready to wait for you.

#2�The missing signs. Does your ex make it a point to share their gloomy attitude with everyone else in the world? Do they reveal signs of missing you on Facebook with status updates like my life feels so empty or I’m so tired of this world or worse goodbye, cruel world!

If your ex hangs out in all the places both of you used to spend time in as a twosome, chances are, they’re crying for your attention.

#3�Those awkward calls. If your ex wants you back, they’d call you more often than a regular friend. And more often than not, they may just call you, hold the phone, mumble something quietly and listen to you breathing. And even if you’d want to hang up, they’d just drag the breathy conversation for a little bit longer. Creepy? Yes. Sad? Definitely.

#4�Those warm moments. If an ex still likes you, they’d behave in a very warm and friendly manner even after the break up. In fact, they’d be warmer and more loving than you can ever remember.

If your ex speaks in a very soft tone and whispers caringly and lovingly to you even when both of you are just friends, there’s still oh-so-much love in the air, even if it’s only one sided.

#5�Touchy feely. Do you feel your ex’s hand linger after a hug or while sitting next to each other? Exes who like their ex are always very touchy and linger their touchy feely soft grazes each time they touch their ex. You may even get gooseflesh, what with all the cracking chemistry and electricity in the air.

If your ex dislikes you, they probably wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. But if they still have feelings for you, all they’d want to do is coil around you and wrap you up with their hands.

#6�Talking about feelings. Exes who have a hard time moving on always talk about feelings with their former partners. If your ex constantly calls you to talk about the old relationship, or about where both of you went wrong, or how such a perfect relationship could go so wrong, or about how much they loved you while both of you were dating, or anything else that makes your heart feel like romantic jello, your ex is obviously trying to worm their way back into your soft heart.

#7�Oh, those memories. Does your ex remind you of your old anniversary, or about that place both of you used to go to all the time? If your ex clings onto to all the old memories and constantly finds a way to talk about those special times, they want you to remember the same moments too. And in all probability, they’re doing that only to make you feel the love again.

#8�The private eye. If your ex wants you back, big chances are, they know everything about you already even if you haven’t said anything to them when you bump into them. If an ex is interested in you and wants to get back with you, they would definitely make the effort to get to know everything about you and your daily activities behind your back.

#9�Tying loose ends. Has your ex called you sometime and talked about the mistakes they made in the relationship and how things could have been so different if they could have changed for the sake of the relationship earlier?

If your ex tries to show repentance, or wants to let you know that they’ve changed for the better, or if they try to clarify unfinished issues from the past relationship, it makes it pretty clear that they want you to give the relationship a new chance because they’re now a new and improved person.

#10�I miss you. You want the biggest sign that your ex wants you back? Well, then, this is it. If your ex wants you back, they’d open up to you and tell you that they still miss you. If your ex talks about how they miss being with you or spending time with you, or if they express how warmly they feel about the relationship, it’s probably time for you to start considering if you’d want to get back with your ex.

#11�Spread the good word. If an ex misses you and wants you even after the break up, you’d probably encounter many of your ex’s friends who come to you and reveal secretly just how much your ex still misses you and wants you.

#12�Beck and call. Is your ex always available to be with you no matter when you call or what favor you ask? Firstly, exes who get over their exes don’t sit around waiting to run errands for their old lover, they move on. So if your ex wants to be your Man Friday all the time, it’s probably their way to trying to win your affection back.

#13�Bursts of rage. This is funny to watch if you aren’t in love anymore, but if you look at it from your ex’s perspective, it’s pretty sad stuff. Does your ex get annoyed or angry when they see you flirting or sweet talking with someone else who fancies you?

#14�Those big coincidences. Do you keep walking into your ex now and then, out of the blue? If it happens rarely, it’s probably a coincidence. But if it starts to become a regular affair, chances are, your ex has got a good friend of yours on their side who tells your ex everything about your daily plans. And yes, your ex is making an attempt to walk back into your life all over again.

#15�Drunk escapades. Drunk dialing is funny when it’s a prank. But if it’s a bad case of lost love, your ex may call you occasionally in an inebriated state to pour their heart out. Booze is liquid courage, and it would definitely help your ex say all those things that they usually block out when they’re sober. And even if they don’t have the courage to drunk dial you, you’d probably get a long loving email or a few youtube dedications.

#16�Puss in Boots. Does your ex ever stare at you the way Puss in Boots does when you walk away, say something mean, or start to date someone else?

If your ex blinks with their big watery eyes, stares sadly at you and seems so low when you don’t give them attention or ignore them, they are probably craving for your attention. If your ex behaves like it’s the end of the world each time you reveal that you’ve moved on, you probably need to stone up inside unless you’re willing to be mesmerized by those sad Puss in Boot eyes and give the failed relationship another shot. [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you still like]

If you’re even remotely confused about whether your ex wants you back, these 16 signs will surely help you read your ex’s mind.

But once you do realize that your ex wants you back, what are you going to do about it? Sometimes, things that are buried and finished are better off left that way. When you go looking for answers to calm your curiosity, you may end up more confused than ever.

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