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5 Key Promises Made By Zimbabwe’s New President As He Takes Over Power Today

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sworn in as the Country’s new president in a ceremony at a packed stadium in the nation’s capital, Harare. Emmerson was the Country’s last vice President under the Mugabe administration.

Below are some key promises he made in his inauguration speech:

1. “I must hit the ground running,” he promised. “Once we cannot change the past, there is a lot we can do in the present and future to give our country a sense of direction.” He appeals to the people to allow the past to rest as the task ahead is that of rebuilding the country.

2. He said his government is committed to compensate farmers whose lands were taken in consonance with the laws of the country. He also promises that the country’s election will hold in 2018.

3. He welcomed partnership from international investors, saying through some of these ways would poverty be eradicated. In the immediate, he said the liquidity challenges that had befallen the country must be challenged head-on.

4. “Acts of corruption must stop. Swift justice must be served,” he declared. He said grief awaits those who decide to go out of the ethics and laws of the country.

5. He said his government would tame issues that have to do with foreign currencies.

He also pleaded with other nations which had sanctioned Zimbabwe to reconsider their actions. He says his government would ensure that it reaches out to such countries that have issues with Zimbabwe to renew relationships.


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