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5 Things a Woman Should Look for in a Man for Marriage

One simple thing about life is that you need to know where you are going if not every bus stop will look like your destination. Though that analogy is for life it also works perfectly for marriage, if you don’t know what to look for in a man, every man you see will look like your future husband. Physical attraction is very important when it comes to relationship and marriage issue but it’s not as important as the 5 things I will discuss here today. Beauty can fade; sexy body can sag maybe naturally or through some unforeseen circumstances eg fire accident just like the American celebrity that lost his girlfriend beauty to 80% burn and in an interview they asked him why he is still with her, he said he still sees the woman he loves inside her, can you say the same thing about your spouse?

I am making the lists for the women, to make their journey easier; with the lists, you can downstream all the men asking you out to the nearest minimum of those that have the attributes. Not all men, handsome men and rich men you see out there can be your husband, some are destiny killers. In other, for you not to fall in the category of some miserable women out there, you should take the lists into consideration.

1 God Fearing

Anytime I hear the word God fearing, I get scared and the reason I get scared is that we don’t know who is who anymore. That man that was the most God-fearing person you have seen will become the devil incarnate after marriage, which makes you ask yourself, is this the husband I got married to or his twin brother. It’s not his twin brother, he is still the same man you got married to just that he acted God fearing when you met him because he knew that’s what you wanted.

I am not discouraging you from looking for God-fearing in a man, in fact, its one of the things you should look out for in a man that is why it’s the number one thing on the list but I am saying you should be so sensitive about it because it’s like the men out there already knew women are looking for a God-fearing man and now they are staging it.

A God-fearing man reference God, and he puts God with his own spirit conscience in everything he does, it helps him to know he shouldn’t maltreat, suffer or hurt his wife. If you can find this kind of man, you are on a pathway to having one of the best men on earth

2 Leading Ability

Most women don’t have this on their list or even think it’s a necessity for a successful marriage so if you are one of those women and you are reading this article I am telling you congratulations. Leading ability is vital in a man and can’t be overlooked; the bible says �women submit to your husband.” And another part says �husband is the head of the home.”

What does the head do? What is the role of the head? The major role of the head is to LEAD, and as the wife, you should submit. This simply means, the man is the commander-in-chief of the house and as the final say, if your man doesn’t have the ability to lead, can’t lead you well or leading you the wrong way, will you submit to him? There will be problems in the marriage.

hard working man

3 Hard Working

The Job of the man is to provide for his wife and children �FAMILY” and a man won’t provide effectively for his family if he is not hard working. When I say hard working, I meant working for something that brings income and helps the family living not a man that stays at home working hard while the family is hungry when he is supposed to be out there trying his ability to provide for his family.

Maybe you haven’t seen the situation where the wife will be the one working while the husband just seats around. The women of now are no more just housewives, they work hard so why will a man just seat around. Another thing you should know is that, just going out or walking around is not hard working, don’t get married to a lazy man if you do you will blame yourself for it

4 Responsible

Responsibility goes beyond having a job, neatly dress and being married. The thinking of most people is when they see a married man they believe he is responsible or if a man is working they assume is responsible.

A man is responsible when he is doing the tasks or work allocated to him very well, what work am I talking about when it comes to marriage? It is the work of providing and leading the family well, every other thing the wife does is just addition, support.

Dictionary.com explains responsible to be �answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management, having the power to control or manage.”

Is that man accountable? Can he manage the family resources without crises? Think about it

5 Purposeful

A purpose is a reason why something exists, what kind of purpose does your man pursue? A man without purpose doesn’t have a goal; nothing pushes them to want to do better. They go anywhere the wind carries them, they follow the crowd.

This is the kind of man that will get home and tell his family this is what people are doing now then after some time he comes again saying my friends told me this is good, he will tell his wife how all his friends are doing well but not bothered about his own life.

Everyone’s life is driven by something, what drives that man you want to marry?, Anger?, Alcohol?, Fear?, Hatred?, or Purpose?

In conclusion, this list isn’t all the thing a woman can look for in a man but they are things that shouldn’t be ignored. It takes hard work and doesn’t believe it’s not possible to get because it’s possible it just takes you to look deeper which is necessary. Good things are not easy to come across. You can’t see a diamond just at the surface of the soil, the same way you can’t see a wonderful man just at the surface.

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