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65 Pastors Told Me To Marry Foluke Daramola – Kayode Salako

Foluke Daramola and Kayode Salako

Actress Foluke Daramola’s new husband, Kayode Salako revealed this in a recent interview.

Hear him,

17 years ago, even before I met my first wife at all, a prophet from the Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) Church in Mafoluku area of Lagos prayed for me and told me that in the journey of my life, I was going to come across one woman. He told me he didn’t know if I was going to marry her or not, but that what would make me know when I come across the woman are two things; the way I would feel about her and that I was going to meet her with two children; one boy and a girl.

He said that, when I meet her, that is when the story of my life would change and God would start re-writing my fate and that the woman is the woman of my destiny and that the two of us would travel, we would be very close, we would have a bond and travel on a journey of life, which would fetch us a lot of greatness and beautiful testimonies, since the day I received the vision, I had been looking forward to the woman I would meet like that.

I have never met a woman with a boy and a girl until I met Foluke Daramola and when I met her, I went back to ask if she was the one and over 65 pastors said that she is the one. Can 65 men of God, people that God talks to be wrong, I went to Cotonou, I went to Benin Republic, I traveled out of Lagos State to go and find out whether Foluke was the woman of my destiny and when I asked who she would be, everybody told me she is my wife that I should go and marry her and that I should not allow anybody to discourage me from marrying her

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