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7 Lessons From A Legend


It was 2Face‘s birthday last week and the messages and accolades have still been pouring in.. Radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. I even heard a couple of peeps are organising ‘2Baba @ 37’ bash parties across the country (*na hear I hear am*).

To say this enigma is a legend would be an understatement. In an era devoid of talent and consistency, this is one man that has continuously remained relevant.

I definitely do not know him personally but below are a few lessons I think I’ve learned from this ‘egbon’ following the songs, gossips, paparazzi, collabs, ‘pikins’..

1. Talent is never overrated
You would have to bear me witness that 2face’s voice is practically one of the best voices of our generation. The day he removed all doubt from my mind was was in 2007 when I heard him sing with a live band. I was blown away. He managed to run different octaves, pitches and keys depending on the song that was played and he was never ‘off-key’. He is talent personified

2. Define yourself and stay relevant
Late 90s till date is no joke. From the days of Plantashun boys, Kennis Music, the ‘dry era’, Hypertek Things.. Who sincerely thought we’d still be jamming to this dude’s song(s) (BTW ‘Iheneme’ is top on my rotation list.) How many of his peers have fallen by the way side? (Literally! Please feel free to count)

3. Humility is Key
Do I need to say anything on this? If 2Baba no humble, I don’t know who is then. If 90% of our current stars are half as humble as 2Baba, their career would span longer.

4. You can’t do it all alone
A tree will never make a Forrest. You need people in Life if you would have any chance to make it. Your talent would never be enough. Without the right connection, you would end up where most talents do.

I was at one MTN concert in 2005 and I saw this guy who I hear goes by the name ‘Tunde’. From the information I gathered then, I heard they’ve been together for a very long time. I don’t know if they are still together but I saw the synergy then.

He has also worked with so many producers notably – Nelson Brown, OJB, JaySleek.

Point to note is that you can’t do it all alone. YOU NEED PEOPLE! (Not just internet people o)

5. Know when to move on
Now this is very tricky and I don’t know exactly how to explain it.
Look @ the industry and tell me one person who has moved as much as 2Face and is still as relevant?

I guess the key is know when to cross a bridge, when to burn it or when to stick to the plan.

6. People will always talk, Improve on YOU! (STAY FOCUSED!)
While we (Yeah! We!) were busy counting the number of baby mamas and kids he had, he was busy working on the skill and improving himself.
Hey! I no say make you go dey give person belle up and down.. All I’m trying to say is remain focused.

7. Oluwa is ultimately involved
Like the yoruba people will say, ‘Eni ti Olorun ba gba fun, Ko si ewu fun’. He is blessed and he has blessed our generation (both with hits and plenty pikin. Teeee heee heeee). We thank him for all the hits.

Happy Birthday once again 2Baba!

We still expect many more hits!

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