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A brief history of Bingo


Do you love playing the best online bingo games? Who doesn’t! The Bingo world has even moved into the online world now, and the game feels more modern than ever. But what’s the history of Bingo and where did it begin? We aim to answer all of your pressing questions in this helpful article.

Where did Bingo start?
It’s not actually 100% known where the beloved game began, but a lot of evidence points to Italy in 1530. It wasn’t called Bingo then though, as it was known as Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It then moved over to France and it was a great favourite among the French noblemen and women and it was called Le Lotto. It then travelled over to Britain and by the 18th century it was played by the masses, before it hit the USA in a big way! In fact, during the Golden Age it was a popular distraction for the British and US troops from the war. It also became the theme for entertainment nights that were set up to raise money for charity.

So where did its name come from?
It has been called so many names over the years, so when was Bingo finally settled on? Well, in 1929 in the USA it is believed to have got its name! A toy inventor, Edwin S Lowe, played the game for the first time at a carnival and the payers were calling out Beano instead of Bingo when they landed a win. The funny thing about this is that he shouted out Bingo instead, and history was made! Edwin Lowe also had a hand in printing more Bingo cards in an attempt to increase the number of combinations that could be made, and he then sold the game Bingo around the USA. He also went on to sell the game Yahtzee that you may have heard of!

The move into the online world
Bingo then moved into the online world and it has changed the face of the game forever! It has meant that a whole new range of players have been introduced to the game and given it a whole new level of popularity. The first online Bingo site is credited to Cyberbingo.com which was created in 1996, and a number of online casinos now have a dedicated Bingo section of games to choose from. So how much is the Bingo industry worth? Well, in the UK alone it’s worth an incredible £1.3 billion! It’s not just the online industry that has revolutionised the game though, as there are now clubs, pubs and nightclubs that put on events and attract numerous groups of young people.

We don’t ever see Bingo going out of style! It has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years now, and its popularity is only increasing thanks to the online revolution and the numerous events that are put on across the country. So what are you waiting for? Play a game of Bingo today!

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