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Famous Celebrities who love bingo


Bingo is one of those games that it seems as though pretty much everybody has played at least once in their lives, and in actuality this probably isn’t even an exaggeration, mainly because bingo is routinely used in schools to help teach school children about mathematics and other things too. The other great thing about bingo is it’s a relatively simple game to play, and this means that people can therefore pick it up pretty quickly. You can also view more slot games and play free online.

And if you ever need confirmation of how popular bingo is in the 21st century you only have to consider the sheer amount of famous celebrities who love bingo. Seriously, these rich and famous members of society are typically thought of as being much more interested in actual casino gambling, however as it turns out many of them also have a pungent for the game of bingo. Keep reading for some famous celebrities who love bingo.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow is best known as one of the lead songwriters and singers in the iconic British boy band Take That, however as it turns out he is also something of a keen bingo player too. The reason why? Well, legend has it that Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams and co. began playing bingo pretty extensively during a world tour, which isn’t really surprising as bingo is a great way to pass the time.

It definitely seems as though Mr Barlow continued with his bingo obsession as well, because he created his own special version to play at his 10th wedding anniversary. So if anybody tries to tell you that Take That weren’t bingo fans, you know what to say!

Kate Moss
Kate Moss is undeniably one of the most famous and iconic British models to come out of the last several decades, with her face being associated with many legendary fashion brands, magazines and stores. In the 90s she also became infamous for her rock-star like lifestyle, where she was frequently seen with people like Pete Doherty from The Libertines. Unfortunately this lifestyle began to take its toll on Moss, and she eventually settled down into a quieter life.

Guess what game was there to help her do this? Why, it was bingo of course! Sometimes you just need the right distractions in life, and bingo proved to be exactly that for Kate Moss. In fact, she loves bingo so much that she still plays it at home regularly.

Cristiano Ronaldo
We really would not blame you for being surprised by the inclusion of the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo on this list, however as it turns out the Portuguese icon is a big fan of bingo. The story starts when he was just a young teenager moving to Manchester United and in need of learning the English language.

Amazingly it was through bingo that he ended up learning a variety of words and phrases that really helped him learn the language for good. Who would have thought it, eh?


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