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A Female Uber Driver I Met Inspired Me – Ireti Doyle

IretiUberNollywood actress, Ireti Doyle met with an hardworking female Uber driver recently and she has decided to use her story to inspire other women in the country.

According to Mrs Ireti, the Uber driver’s story should serve as an inspiration that will lead everyone to better living.

She hopes it will also motivate ladies like herself to shun shameful ways of making money and embrace the diligence of labour.

Her words, “Yesterday I called for an uber, and this is who I got..IBUKUNOLUWA. I was intrigued by her so I spent the ride getting to know her and her back story. Ibukun is 24, very well spoken and a part time undergrad student. Her mother has passed, and she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her Dad. She attends Schl 3 days a week, and on the other days she’s working as an uber driver.
She bought her car on hire purchase…she hopes to pay it off by Nov after which the car becomes hers. She’s had to put up with jeers from her peers, but she’s determined not to let that keep her from attaining her goals. A Queen…I stan🙌
I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so deeply inspired..
See ehn at a point in everyone’s life “my mama no do for me” “my papa no give me” is a lame excuse. What are you doing for yourself?
Then, don’t buy into the lie; there are different methods to living this thing called life…It doesn’t have to be fast and furious… Know yourself no be curse…By the time she got me home I doubled the fare and will definitely contribute my widow’s mite towards making her life a little easier.
That’s how you attract helpers; not by begging, not by scamming, not by selling yourself cheap, but by being found, hands deep in the work of improving your own life.💜 ”

See a picture of them together,

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