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A Joke Can Always Be Improved On – Basket Mouth

BasketmouthBasketmouth and a panel that consisted of communication experts were present at Social Media Week Lagos Viacom International Media Networks Africa’s (VIMN Africa) forum.

The legendary comedian utilized the opportunity that came with the event to touvh on the future of content in Africa as a continent.

The panel had almost 100 people on seat and decided to break everything down from musical contents to how persons that create contents can shape themselves to make it profitable.

Basketmouth is one of the few Nigerian stand-up comedians who has done real work on two VIMN Africa platforms.

8 years ago, he did ‘The Big Friday Show’, a TV show went on to win awards.

6 years ago, Basketmouth also host of Live at Parker’s. in partnership with Comedy Central

His words, “There’s nothing like a good joke. A joke can always be improved and even I often share some of my jokes with fellow comedians and they tell me it’s okay but tell me how to make it better. Doing skits on social media is very different from performing on stage. There is no filter on stage.”

“Create content that is buyable. All you need is good content and it will sell by itself.”

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