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A Letter to Bloggers

A Letter to Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

I Write on behalf of all readers and visitors to your site, as we express our dearest opinion related to the information you dish out to us. We appreciate your efforts and the hardwork you put into the Online Media Networking. We also have a few points we’d like to clarify and we hope you take notice of them.

Its become saddening at the number of Blogs/sites we’ve got in the country spreading out information all entrapped in the same category.

I’ll take this in Bits..
If you happen to fall in any of these categories….we humbly solicit for a change.

Please Note that all faults listed below are first hand scenarios I have experienced.

Every Fault I’ve noticed from most bloggers centres on tha Mediocrity for “Views”.

1. Music Critics and Review.
This is one interesting topic I’ve always wanted to discuss, I even got into a “comment box argument” for this.
A Popular Music Critic runs a review on Worst Lyrics from some top artists. He took no time to carry out research on the real lyrics and judged every “self felt faulted lines” on his own earing aid. It was well listed that I took to research deeply and vastly these lines to see if truly this rappers lost their flare for spitting real.

My Disappointment: He got every damn line wrong.

My Judgement: Please carry out intensive research before you criticize anything or anyone. Don’t live on the Ego that you are a well known critic and choose to spoil someone’s hardwork or career. Or better still go record a track and Review it yourself.

2. Domain Names.
Arrrrgggghhhh.. this is so frustrating that I wonder how they ever get views or visits on their blog or site. Don’t just jump into something without having a good brand or name for it. Some day we’ll be having a new blog/site titled “ISellAkara.blogspot.com” or “WhoKillYourPapa.wordpress.com” just to mention a few. If you think these names are catchy and inviting, Then you must be blogging from Pluto.

My Disappointment: Bloggers who fall into this category post topics outside their curriculum. What has a site tagged with “Akara” got to do with Music?

My Judgement: Get a good domain name or find a job related to your chosen name or brand.

3. Major Interest being Money.
Are You a learner? Do you think the Music PR business affiliated with Online Promotions is all about money? If you’ve got the interest of Good Music at heart, then you must be ready to lease out good music. Out of tha Blues, Over 50 new blogs are created monthly with all the aim of publishing music at outrageous fee. Everything that gets into your email inbox and is ready to pay their way gets up on your blog/site while good music sits un opened. Very Bad.

My Disappointment: This same Bloggers are always the first to criticize Bad Music but always the first to put it up as long as there’s a fee to push it.

My Judgement: If you fall in this category, You are the reason Bad Music overshadows the number of Good Tracks out there in the industry. Visit a Priest and Pray for Forgiveness.

4. Uncertain News & Rumours.
These past weeks, Most fresh bloggers have shown their illiteracy for the blogging business. A News Pops up and they are quick to publish it on their site without adequate authencity. I took my time to check every news affiliated with Goldie on various blogs, and I ended up with 7 different causes of her death. What?.. Where do ya’all get your information from? A Quick Copy and Paste from a Top Blog you believe is authentic and then you publish your news. Really Bad. Use your Power as the Press to dish out authentic information.

My Disappointment: The Rush for Early Clicks and views is the same factor behind quick publication of un-authentic news.

My Judgement: Be sure before you post any information, or you’ll lose your views when the real news is out in the open.

5: Bloggers are the Biggest Famzers.
Davido is Now a Contact, SauceKid I see you, Olamide is in my Crib.. these are the kinda messages we see on their Personal Message (PM) on their Blackberry Messenger. Some even go as far as Famzing on other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. That you took a picture with a Celebrity at a certain event doesn’t mean you have a close relationship with them on your BBM. Now this is the interesting part. I’ll state an example with the recent “GOBE” track incident between Davido and Password.

Immediately the news dropped, I started scanning PMs of Bloggers to see their updates on the incident. All of the Davido is a contact, GeneralPype I see you etc were as confused as Mr Bean. “Bang” the Fake news started popping up.

My Disappointment: If you have all these Big Named contacts on your list, Why not ask them for the authentic news before blogging? Or do we conclude that “All na wash?”

My Judgement: Respect your Fans, Readers or Visitors with the kind of information you publish and believe me you’d be respected as a very good blogger. Respect is Reciprocal.

I Hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that the power of good Information lies in your hands.

Thank You
For the Readers.

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