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Abuja church bitter with Klint D drunk for missing their event after paying him 250,000

Klint D' Drunk

An Abuja based Church, Christos International Church is presently very bitter with comedian Klint Da Drunk for not showing up to anchor its empowerment programme after the church paid him N250,000 upfront. According to the church, Klint was given a part payment of N250,000 to anchor the said programme but failed to show up. The comedian later said the church gave him a wrong date of 23rd of March, 2014, instead of the 22nd of March, 2014 when the event held.

The church leaders however wondered why they would give him such a date, when they gave his other colleagues Frank Edwards and Asu Ekiye who were present the correct date.

On hearing this, Klint’s friends claim Klint would have gone far more than this in his career, if not for his unserious behaviour and love of video games. They said he prefers to play his games instead of honouring important meetings which can eventually earn him thousands of naira.

The church is however threatening to bring in the police if Klint does not refund the money.

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