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Afrocandy’s open letter to young girls who want to be like her


Wait…wait, so young girls would like to be like Afrocandy? Em…alright. Anyway, here’s the letter… �My questions to all dem girlz trynna be like AfroCandy

(1) Do you still live in Nigeria with no hope of getting a visa to travel out? That’s messed up you know?

(2) Are you yet educated? if not pls. do something about it asap b4 you chose which path to follow.

(3) Do you have a back up plan, exit route, contingent plan meaning if the showbiz thing doesn’t work out you fall back on it? If you don’t, that’s fucked up you know?

(4) Have you ever been married? If not, I guess you should wait until you’re done with that cos guess what, most local Naija guys are typical, they may hail you just to get in your pants but will be ashamed to let anybody see you with them in public not to talk of marriage, unless you’re lucky to end up with foreigners. So with all that being said, I’ll advice you to get your asses together b4 you try to be like me for I have done all the above and even more, at this point of my life, I’m not looking for a husband or boyfriend, already married once and had kids, got nothing to lose now, lived my life and still leaving….so abeg make una think twice o….meanwhile, if you are a member of my ‘Ikebe Squad’ I will train you…Good-Luck !”

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