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Backup & Restore Contacts in BBM 7 Now Done Through BlackBerry ID

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With the newly announced BBM 7 with BBM Voice Chat, you may be wondering, how do I backup my contacts? Where is the backup/restore feature that was in BBM version 6 and below? Well everything is now automatically backed up as soon as you login with your BlackBerry ID. For those of you wondering how will your contacts be restored when you get your BlackBerry 10 devices? Well as stated earlier BlackBerry ID will be used for both backing up and restoring! If you need help just drop a comment below


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  1. Pls av forgotten d password I used for ma blackberry ID nd av downloaded d new bbm version

  2. How does it work with blackberry Id?

  3. henry smith dafinest

    I want to download it..hw will I do dat?

  4. i have problem here. i try to use other blackberry. i want restore my bbm contact from my old bb to my new bb. but doesn't work. i was login my bb id. but there's have alert that my device is not compatible with my bb id. please someone help me.. mail me to [email protected] thanks a lot

  5. Hi Stiphbami, I upgraded to bbm 7 and now i've lost all my contacts! Also i cant see an option to "restore contact" in the menu. Please can you help?

  6. Hi there
    I've got bbm 7 on one phone and bbm 6 on the other, will it still backup and restore automatically.

    Please advise asap.


  7. What happens if it's vice versa? i've got bbm 7 on my phone and need to restore on bbm 6.

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