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#BBATheChase: Selly Disqualified?

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Ruby�House�dancing Queen�and now notorious rabble-rouser, Selly, was on the receiving end of a severe talking to by Big Brother this evening. In case you missed it, the Ghanaian stunned her fellow Housemates and viewers alike during the Channel O�party on�Saturday night, when she dumped a glass full of alcohol over Pokello’s head with absolutely no provocation that would warrant such.

This evening, Big Brother called all the Rubies, who have talked about the incident in hushed tones since it happened, to the lounge to hand out his punishment. Deafening silence descended over the�House�as full, uncut footage of the incident was beamed into the�House. The culprit, Selly, looked on in what looked to be sheer agony and embarrassment as she was exposed for all to see.

When asked to explain herself in the�Diary�Room, a panic-stricken Selly told Big Brother she delivered her golden booze shower because Pokello is a�good�dancer. “I poured alcohol over Pokello’s head to show her that she was really dancing well. I didn’t do it to provoke her because we get along. I realised later that she didn’t find it amusing. We have spoken about it and I have apologised”, she said. Selly went on to reveal how she does the same in Ghana when her�friends�excel on the dance floor.

When Selly emerged from the�Diary�Room to apologise once again, Pokello told her “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it”.�Take a look�at the footage below and share your thoughts. Was Selly giving�props�or was she trying to stir up trouble?

Big Brother has introduced a Strike Wall that will serve as a reminder that Housemates are not a law unto themselves. This particular incident happens to be Selly’s first strike and should she receive three more strikes, she will be expelled from�the game.

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