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#BBATheChase: Selly apologizes to boyfriend on ETV

Selorm Galley, evicted Ghanaian female representative in Big Brother The Chase has remorsefully asked for forgiveness from boyfriend, Praye Tietia on live TV after her seemingly unpleasant experience in the Africa TV Show. Making a surprise guest appearance on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, Selly, as she is affectionately called ...

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#BBATheChase: See Selly’s Tweet after Nando was disqualified

After getting intimate with Nando which sparked huge rumor, Nando started spilling ill news about her (Selly) giving him STD. Guess it was a stunt to keep him in the game. It almost worked until his bad behavior got him disqualified from The Chase. See the joy in Selly’s eyes. ...

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#BBATheChase: �Nando kissed but did not penetrate my girlfriend” � Selly’s boyfriend

Following the end of the chase for Big Brother housemate Selly, the Ghanaian has gone back to her boyfriend before the show started, Praye Tiatia. Selly immediately confessed her unflinching love for him, with Praye maintaining that Selly’s well publicized love-sessions were all part of a game plan. ‘I love ...

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#BBATheChase: Selly vows to sue Nando for accusing her of giving him STD

Ghanaian Big Brother Africa The Chase housemate Selly, while answering questions at a press conference in Accra revealed she may sue fellow housemate, Nando for defamation of character. When asked about Nando’s claims that she gave him an STD, Selly said: “Actually, my mum has threatened to take Nando on ...

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#BBATheChase: I miss Nando, i wish he wins the money – Selly

Evicted Ghanaian representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase) Selorm (Selly) Ghalley has disclosed that she misses Tanzanian representative Nando and wishes that he wins the reality show. The Ghanaian was evicted from the 91-day reality show after 49 days amidst controversies and allegations that she had sex ...

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#BBATheChase: Nando’s STD case worsens, asks for stronger sleeping pills


If at all Nando’s�STD�story was true, it looks like it’s worsening and he’s having hard�time to sleepwhich has led him to asking for stronger�sleeping pills. Last week�Nando was ill down on bed and we had no clue on what was eating him up not until he talked about being�infected�with�Chlamydia�by Selly. ...

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#BBATheChase: Selly infects Nando with an STD

In a hushed conversation between Nando and Bimp, Nando narrated how he got infected with an STD after his liason with Selly! Is Selly still going to deny sleeping with Nando after such maddening evidence? Nando coming down with an STD from her? And Big Brother had to intervene to ...

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#BBAThechase : ‘My Daughter did not have s*X with Nando’ � Selly’s mother (Photo)

Benedicta Galley, the mother of Ghanaian Big Brother representative, Selorm ‘Selly’ Galley says her daughter did not have s*x with Tanzanian housemate Nando. Many had criticised the Ghananian beauty as she was under the blankets for a�long time with Nando, during a session that fuelled speculation the pair had intercourse. ...

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#BBATheChase: Selly Disqualified?

Ruby�House�dancing Queen�and now notorious rabble-rouser, Selly, was on the receiving end of a severe talking to by Big Brother this evening. In case you missed it, the Ghanaian stunned her fellow Housemates and viewers alike during the Channel O�party on�Saturday night, when she dumped a glass full of alcohol over ...

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