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#BBATheChase: Nando’s STD case worsens, asks for stronger sleeping pills


If at all Nando’s STD story was true, it looks like it’s worsening and he’s having hard time to sleep which has led him to asking for stronger sleeping pills.

Last week Nando was ill down on bed and we had no clue on what was eating him up not until he talked about being infected with Chlamydia by Selly. If our assumptions from his words are true, it could have been this infection that put him down and he has not yet recovered.

As we all know that the Housemates’ well being is Big Brother’s top priority, Nando’s situation hasbeen taken care of and he’s receiving medication though it seems likes he needs more.

While talking to Big Brother this afternoon during his Diary Session, he revealed that he’s finding it hard to sleep as the sleeping pills he was given are still keeping his brain awake. He then asked Biggie for stronger pills to see that his situation stabilises and gets back to normal.

In case you missed how this whole thing came up, last week Nando told Bimp that Selly infected him with an STD known as Chlamydia and that he was receiving medication. We guess this is what is keeping him down.

Meanwhile, his condition seems to be worrying his fellow Housemates as Bassey too was heard asking Biggie during his Diary Session to do something about Nando’s health that he’s finding it to sleep yet they have a task this week.

We hope that gets well soon.


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