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#BBATheChase: Selly infects Nando with an STD


In a hushed conversation between Nando and Bimp, Nando narrated how he got infected with an STD after his liason with Selly! Is Selly still going to deny sleeping with Nando after such maddening evidence? Nando coming down with an STD from her? And Big Brother had to intervene to get him on medication and strictly warned Nando never to touch Selly again without a condom. The same Nando has also openly called her out on her arena failure right before everyone else causing Selly to run off crying saying they should nominate her out to go home if that is how badly they all feel about her.

Did Selly make a mistake by getting involved with Nando who has only disgraced her every step of the way since then?

The lesson here, this is Big Brother, no matter how much you want it, close your legs, drink water and sleep!

Check out what Africa is saying below on BBA’s facebook page:




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