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Beyonce rocks the Super Bowl half-time with superlative performance

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Singer Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To make sure, she opened with a blissfully sure acappella run, leading into �Crazy in Love,� one of her most assertive hits. Though the performance didn�t include a cameo from hubby Jay-Z, as does the studio version, it found the singer in bold form.

Then again, given both Beyonc�s persona and talent, only a fool would have bet against her at this particular event. It�s hard to think of a star better suited to the Super Bowl than she is.

From the start of her career, Beyonc�s songs have had the dynamics of a sporting event. The beats often have a militaristic power and discipline, the lyrics a triumphant spirit and her performances a take-no-prisoners zeal.

It makes sense she chose to feature a song like �End of Time� in her taut, 13-minute set. The beat has an athletic force, which Beyonc�s all-female band delivered in sinewy style. The singer gave the guitarist a showcase in the song, with an instrument that spouted fireworks from both ends. The result did more than just provide a visual exclamation point. It allowed Beyonce to give her R&B pop songs some rock �n roll punch.

Though Beyonc�s staging wasn�t as changeable, or as camp, as Madonna�s hysterical performance from last year, it found sufficient theatricality in her body movements alone. She�s got legs and she knows how to use them, as ZZ Top would have it. It didn�t hurt that the micro-dress, designed by Ruben Singer, showed as much of her gams as censors could allow.

Beyonc� carved out a cameo for the trio that first catapulted her to fame � Destiny�s Child. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams shot onto the stage like missiles launched from below, flanking Beyonc� and matching her shimmy for shimmy.

Though, as a group, Destiny has been dissed as nothing more than a holding pattern for Beyonc� before her inevitable ascent, the women have genuine musical chemistry. They proved it by braiding their voices in old hits like �Bootylicious,� or in their rendition of �Single Ladies.�

Before Beyonc� was done, she showed she doesn�t have to sing defiant songs in order to make her point. She closed with �Halo,� a ballad, if an especially bold one. Like all the songs here, it allowed a woman who made a minor fumble a few weeks ago to score a clear musical touchdown.

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