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Boko Haram foreign negotiator names Alimodu Sheriff as Boko Haram sponsor

In a recent interview with Arise News TV, Australian hostage negotiator, Stephen Davis, who was hired by the Nigerian government some months back to help negotiate with Boko Haram members to facilitate the release of abducted Chibok girls, mentioned the name of former Borno state Governor, Alimodu Sheriff as a sponsor of the terrorist group, Boko Haram. He also said that an unnamed past Chief of Army Staff who was sacked by Pres. Jonathan was also a sponsor of the group.

In the video released yesterday, Davis was very quick to mention the names of the alleged sponsors.
“The first thing to do.. go and arrest former Governor, Sheriff. Former Borno Governor Sheriff who has been funding this for years. He hooks these guys up. He is so frightened that he has switched party to the ruling PDP in the hope that this would give him protection. That guy has really got to go and you know he is enormously corrupt.” Continue…
“Why the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has not yet picked him up is anybody’s guess. There is a…the former Chief of Army Staff retired in January but was actually sacked by the President is another sponsor. I would give you the names if you like, I have no fear of this. We are very confident and in fact Boko Haram senior commanders who have been naming them in the interactions I have had with them over many months, confirming what we knew sometime before from other commanders” he said.

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