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Boss!! 50 Cent just bought all The Trey Songz Albums

50 Cent and Trey Songz

Sure, the majority of 50 Cent’s often-hilarious Instagram videos seem to be poking fun at someone. However he recently proved that he can also use his platform for a cause he deems worthwhile.

50 Cent headed to a Best Buy in Pittsburgh to support Trigga, the new album from Trey Songz. In fact, he cleaned out the store of the singer’s latest release, even sending a sales associate to check if they had more available that weren’t on display on the shelves.

@treysongz I BROUGHT THE STORE. NO CD’s left in best buy in Pittsburgh – tell the label I said reship LMAO

he wrote

He even made the salesman a bit of a star, and it was all in the name of supporting Trigga’s work.

Trey, who appeared on the rapper’s “Smoke”, off of his recent Animal Ambition, caught wind of the move and showed his appreciation.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

TareeQ – Medicine


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