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BREAKING: study shows teens are mean


Researchers in the Netherlands studied teen brains and behaviour and determined what anyone who’s seen “Mean Girls” already knows: Teenagers are self centered little a**holes. Yep, apparently teens lack certain empathy skills! Who knew? This, scientist say, is because their brains are still developing and the areas dealing with not being a total d**k to your parents and friends isn’t quite fully formed. Well, good on you, Science, you once again proved the obvious. What’s worse, researchers are also finding that the development of empathy skills starts in infancy. So if you’ve got a kid whose old enough to talk and you haven’t always “responded warmly” to his/her feelings, well, you’ve probably done enough damage to end up with a real jerkward come the high school years.

The solution? A 2011 study found out that teens whose dads spent more time listening to them were better at understanding other people’s perspectives. Which means that despite the fact that your little man is an A-hole who can’t understand how hitting his little sister in the face with a remote control is painful to her, the best way to help him be understanding is to, yuck, be understanding.

African parents already got the solution since time immemorial ; “you beat the shiiiit out of his/her teenage brain”. Trust me, it’s been working since 1000 B.C



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