Brymo gives us insight on what to expect from Merchants, Dealers and Slaves album!

Brymo - Mechants Dealers Slaves

Brymo has announced a release date for his 3rd studio album, Merchants, Dealers and Slaves.

It might come off as a bit of a surprise to some who might have thought he had faded behind the scenes after his split from chocolate city, but it turns out that Brymo was putting in work.

I caught up with Brymo to talk about his album, and got answers to a few questions I thought you guys might want to know, and also allowed him to give us insight as to what to expect from the album.

On what makes this album different from the previous albums
Brymo: M, D & S is different because it’s the first time I get to explore those themes I usually want to stay away from. Music is a very important tool for change as it has the power to influence people, so I made the album to remind myself a lot of things I had forgotten.

On the mind set when working on this album, and the history behind the title of the album
Brymo: When I started writing songs for the album, I wanted a short but meaningful collection. I wanted to tell my story in relations to the listeners’, for we all go through a lot of things together, and that’s also good business when people can relate.. The album was inspired by my history, but then my story is too small to fit into society’s, so it became important to relate it to everyone, hence the title.

On the message he wishes listeners will get after listening to the album
Brymo: I hope they get to reflect and make changes in their lives where it’s important. I am dedicated to doing same.

3 things we can expect from your new project.
Brymo: From my new project you can expect to be entertained and educated at the same time and with a fusion of afrobeat and pop, expect a whole new approach to music making on the continent.

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