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Brymo, M.I, Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince may reunite again – Audu Maikori says

Chocolate City Boss Audu Maikori

Chocolate City President, Audu Maikori, has revealed that there is still a possibility for Ice Prince, M.I, Jesse Jagz and Brymo to work together.

After the exit of Jesse Jags and Brymo in 2013 , the Choc City President believes there is still room for a united music front between all four of them, stressing that music is the essence upon which they were brought together, and with it not being lost, there is still hope.

Break ups and estrangements in this industry is nothing new and what is important is the essence of what brought us together which is music and as long as it is music, there would always be that togetherness.. Let’s wait, there may be a few surprises very soon.

He added

Music labels in Nigeria have now become a norm with almost every music act now signed to one, creates one. With this proliferation, many labels are of poor structures, and lack the necessary financing and resources to cater for their acts.

This is a source of concern to Audu Maikori, and he weighs in on this.

I think that there is a distinction between record labels and music labels, there is a label between having a label imprint and having a proper record management label structure, ultimately the most structured, organized will stand the test of time, if the saturation becomes so much and there is a need for regulation

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