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Buhari continued ineptitude & the way forward for Nigeria

Buhari continued ineptitude & the way forward for Nigeria

The situation Nigerians have found themselves now is not what they expected from the Buhari government. The situation of things in Nigeria presently is still shocking to many Nigerians and a mystery to all those who unanimously gave their unalloyed support to Buhari in order to make him president with the expectation that he would turn Nigeria around for the better but what has Buhari done today? He has simply made Nigeria worse than he met it and ended up turning the country into a banana republic where laws and court orders are flagrantly disobeyed with impunity and ended up impoverishing the life of an average Nigerian.

I know quite alright that many newspapers and media outfits would never publish this type of article because it is very clear that many media organizations have been compromised in Nigeria. The media has been gagged by the Buhari government. The media has been caged and boxed to a corner where they are now afraid of what the government will do to them and their outfits and so they refrain from anything that will antagonize the government. But for how long are we going to continue to fold our hands and watch while an incompetent government keeps toiling with the lives of the Nigerian people and generations yet unborn? Remember that this is a government that told us to choose between cattle colony or death and wants to compel us to lose our ancestral heritage to the fulani herds men cattle ranching ideology.

But for how long are we going to continue to be intimidated and harassed into silence by an autocratic government that takes the people for granted and continues to inflict pains, sorrow and suffering on the citizens of Nigeria? For how long are we going to continue to watch while our people are slaughtered in broad daylight by some marauders and sacred cows with tacit endorsement from a government that swore to a constitutional oath to protect the citizens of Nigeria but failed to do so?

For how long are we going to continue to fear the unknown and be intimidated by this government? It seems Nigerians have now been bullied to resign to their fate and watch helplessly while the Buhari government keeps perpetrating all sorts of injustice, constitutional breaches and impunity without being answerable to the Nigerian people. Remember that Gani Fawehinmi and Fela both of blessed memories were bullied, intimidated and harassed for standing up for the people and for saying the truth to the government, yet they never gave up and were never deterred irrespective of all attempts by the government and their obnoxious collaborators to silence them from saying the truth.

We must never shy away from saying the truth irrespective of whose ox is gored or else Nigeria will never make any headway with all these numerous challenges confronting the nation. The Nigerian people must stand up and fight for their rights and heritage or else the Buhari government will annihilate the will of the people and keep them on perpetual subjugation. It is very clear that this is an anti people government that is hell bent on perpetrating itself in power despite its woeful performance and failure to ameliorate the acute sufferings of the Nigerian people. But Nigerians must resist any attempt by Buhari and his cohorts to perpetrate themselves in office. Nigerians must join hands to send Buhari back to Daura where he rightly belongs.

When Buhari was presented to all of us, we though that by now Nigeria would have witnessed a drastic and positive change but the reverse is the case. We thought that we have found a messiah who would improve the living standards of the people but he ended up increasing the suffering of the masses of Nigeria. It is very clear that the Buhari government is very desperate to remain in power to continue to enslave Nigerians but all Nigerians must resist it and ensure that we all vote out Buhari in 2019 to avoid subjugating our future and the future of our children and generations yet unborn.

But come to think of it. If the Buhari government can inflict so much pain, sorrow and suffering on the masses of Nigeria in its first term in office, imagine what Buhari will do if he eventually comes back for second term. We can all be sure that it will be hell for the Nigerian people if Buhari is ever allowed to come back in 2019. You can imagine what he will do if he eventually gets a second term ticket to rule Nigeria again. We must not allow this to happen or else Nigeria will be doomed by this incompetent, tribalistic, desperate and autocratic leader.

The Senate President Bukola Saraki has been harassed and pushed to defect to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) just like many other senators have defected from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). This is an attestation to the fact that the Buhari government has lost its bearing not only on its own party people but also on the entire country and this government must be shown the way out of office in 2019 because this is not the type of government that can take Nigeria to the promised land. The Buhari government has only ended up dragging Nigeria backwards and we don’t yet know the serious damage this government has done to us until many years to come before we would realize it.

But we must take action and obtain our voter’s cards and ensure that we vote out Buhari and his cohorts on election day 2019 and we must equally stand up and protect our votes and our future by ensuring that the election is free and fair and not tactically rigged by this government in order to perpetrate itself power. We must ensure that we are never swayed or influenced by money to vote for the wrong person who will come up to sell our future and subjugate our collective ancestral heritage and patrimony. We must never allow this to happen. We must all stand up and fight for our future and the future of our present and future generations and avoid any conspiracy against our collective will. Since we trusted Buhari so much and allowed him to rule Nigeria the second time by voting him into power in 2015 and having unrepentantly betrayed that trust we reposed in him, we must never allow him come back to rule Nigeria the third time again because he has shown clearly that he cannot be trusted with the destiny of Nigerians.

If Nigerians make the mistake of electing Buhari to come back in 2019, Nigerians will surely regret such action just as right now we keep regretting ever voting for him in 2015. The way forward is that Nigerians must change this government through the ballot box in 2019. What we need is a leader who will turn Nigeria around for good. To do this, we must first of all subject all presidential aspirants to a compulsory live debate for every aspirant to showcase whatever they have to offer Nigerians on national television and any aspirant who fails to honour this debate should be disqualified from contesting.

Buhari is known to shun debates of this nature or even the usual presidential media chat. Is this the type of leader we want? Former president Goodluck Jonathan usually had regular media chats where he interacted with the media and with Nigerians on various issues of national importance but since when has Buhari ever had any such chat with the people of Nigeria? Since when has he deemed it fit to honour Nigerians by letting them ask him pertinent questions about the nation on live national television? Is this the type of leader we want beyond 2019? No, this is not the type of leader we want because Nigerians deserve a better leader who will improve their lives and turn the nation around positively within a reasonable period of time.

We don’t need a president who will drag us fifty years backwards like Buhari has done to Nigeria but an action president who will solve Nigeria’s mounting problems within a reasonably short period of time without having to dilly dally and continuously blame past leaders for the problems for which he was elected to fix in the first place. No, that is not the type of leader Nigeria needs. We need not just a president who says what should be done but someone who matches his words with action and also takes such action at the right time when such action should be taken for the interest of the nation. The way forward is that Nigerians should ensure that Buhari is voted out of office so that this nation can know peace and so that we would not mortgage our future and the future of generations yet unborn to the cluelessness of this inept government that cannot take Nigeria anywhere. God bless Nigeria.

By Tayo Demola
Human Rights Activist
Lagos, Nigeria
Email: [email protected]


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