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Building Collapse Won’t Stop In Nigeria – NIOB

The Nigerian Institute of Building, NIOB

The Nigerian Institute of Building, NIOB

The Nigerian Institute of Building, NIOB has come out to say that building collapse will continue in Lagos State if the right steps are not taken.

NIOB recently revealed that as long as developers keep performing the role of building engineers, the disaster will not stop happening.

According to the President of NIOB, Kunle Awobodu, the fact that some story buildings in Nigeria built in 1842 and 1946 are still durable in the country till now shows that we can get it right if we do the right thing.

He added that it is astonishing that a lot of the materials used for some of these pre-independence buildings are not even imported, yet they are still quality.

His words, “So, one may wonder why are buildings collapsing nowadays? The issue nowadays is that people are cutting corners.”

“The system of construction in Nigeria is not acceptable, that is why buildings are collapsing. The issue is about substandard materials and lack of professional touch. For instance, in Lagos, majority of the residential buildings were handled by developers without input of professionals that can be held responsible and also have integrity to protect.”

“The major objective of developers is to make profit. We need to separate the job of developers from construction. As a developer, you can invest your money but not to supervise construction.”

“There should be construction team led by a builder who is going to think more of quality, integrity rather than compromise simply because of profit.”

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